Exhibition Group show  sosta

Group show


Sat 16 Jul 2016
Sun 28 Aug 2016

From Tuesday to Saturday from 3pm to 7pm

RizzutoGallery presented «sosta», group show that comes from the encounter and the conversation on several occasions that occurred between Giovanni Rizzuto and Antonio Catelani in Palermo in September 2015, about the impressions on the place accrued by the latter during some weeks of staying in Sicily. RizzutoGallery wants now gather these feelings in the form of images for an exhibition that is able to crystallize what the talk has only evoked.
The show involves ten artists - Øystein Aasan , Giuseppe Adamo, Antonio Catelani, Francesco De Grandi, Daniela De Lorenzo, Claudio Gobbi, Gianfranco Maranto, Toni Romanelli, Rainer Splitt, Francesco Surdi - and consists of works that are mostly paintings and photographs, but not only.

What is sedimented in the eyes of those who live a territory is renewed through the eyes and the sifting of travelers, of those who arrive there with a different path and have a different inclination in watching. If moreover you are on an island, which has an its own absolute geography because surrounded by the sea, you are in a particular state of resonance and magnetism that attracts thoughts and forms images.
Thus, the exhibition is spontaneously generated, through mnemonic and visual associations, thanks to a soft-spoken discoursing; one thing refers to another thing and a name evokes other names: sensations generated by the place, by encounters that took place and by those expected and not yet occurred.

"Sosta" is like a pause of punctuation in the writing, it is also a place of refreshment, as a shady garden, where the doing is reduced to a minimum sufficient and favorable; the moving is replaced by the being in place, by the rooting in a unfathomable depth that will be revealed in the surface through the differences, as for plants which are distinguished by species and varieties but they all are part of the same natura naturante.

The ten artists involved in the project will present artworks linked to nature and its rhythms, not imitation of nature but relevance and close similarity with it for membership and participation in the same germination strength; the result are intermittences, chromaticities that follow each other, and organic forms that alternate in a spontaneous and rhythmic sprouting of individual entries, all together intoning a speech.