Exhibition Francesco De Grandi - Daniele Franzella  Sexophilia

Francesco De Grandi - Daniele Franzella


Sun 14 Feb 2021
Sat 03 Apr 2021

From Tuesday to Saturday from 3pm to 7pm

"SEXOPHILIA, eighty drawings and one song", a bi-personal exhibition by Francesco De Grandi and Daniele Franzella, with the participation of Serena Ganci and Simona Norato.
In the summer 2019 Francesco De Grandi, during the painting symposium at the Lac or Le Mon foundation in San Cesario of Lecce, begins a cycle of erotic watercolors that over time he has continued to produce with a playful and intimate spirit. They are images of women, men, monstrous animals in the sexual act, in provocative poses or onanistic acts. Sex is crossed transversely with guidelines ranging from mere hard-core porn to classical mythology. The watercolor technique returns a fluidity of touch and thought, as if we could peer into the artist's mind and see the flow of his pleasure.
At the same time Daniele Franzella also finds himself working on the "theme" producing a series of cyanotypes about same inspiration. Starting from the literary effects of the romantic love of the troubadours, which in every way tries not to become enmeshed with carnal love, Franzella's cyanotypes seem images stolen from the modesty of a nuptial bed. An escape from the insuperable barriers of morality and convention, where small voyeuristic stories drown in the monochrome of the blues; whispered tales of desire and corruption.
To seal the exhibition the participation of Serena Ganci and Simona Norato, who for this occasion come together in iotatola, creating an ad hoc song entitled Sexophilia, in which the two musicians bring back the eroticism of the American author Henry Miller by reworking the text of Opus Pistorum, a narration that recounts Alf's sexual exploits. The song, written by Simona Norato, was arranged in iotatola style, with the collaboration of Roberto Cammarata, Angelo Sicurella, Marta Cannuscio, Carmelo Drago and Giuseppe Rizzo.
The song will also be accompanied by a video, made by Azzurra Messina with the ironic vein that distinguishes her artistic production, played on visual ambiguities. Starting from the game - both as a fundamental element not only for artistic creation, but also in the sexual sphere - the video presents images with a vintage flavor, almost “innocent”, but which reveal the erotic charge of the song.