Artist Stefano Cumia

Stefano Cumia

Palermo, 1980. Based in Milano

Exponent of a new wave of painting rooted in the great Italian tradition, Cumia is among the most interesting Sicilian artists of the last generations. His artistic research is characterized by a pictorial work of synthesis and abstraction, in which the object of main interest is the painting itself. In his works, Cumia aims to analyze the primary processes that underlie the discourse on painting, to reorganize its syntax and subvert its codes, starting from the “medium”, and through the “medium”, penetrating the painting up to its chemical and molecular structure. In his works the generative structural model is the trace of the frame trod on the canvas overturned, genetic axis on which the artist organizes and implants the successive stages. The artist says: “A framework does not have object nor subject, it is made by different materials. As soon as a subject is attributed to the picture, this work of materials and the exterior of their relations are neglected. For me painting has nothing to do with meaning, but rather with measuring territories, mapping, even of the land to come. The logic of the imprinting of the frame has for aim the description of a state of fact, the exploration of a hidden unconscious in the dark recesses of memory and language.”