Exhibition Group Show  Salon Palermo 3

Group Show

Salon Palermo 3

Sat 08 Jul 2023
Sat 26 Aug 2023

We are closed for exhibition reorganization

SALON PALERMO 3, group show focused on young Italian painting curated by Antonio Grulli and Francesco De Grandi, is confirmed as an unmissable event of the Palermo summer and in this third edition the protagonists are:

Alessandro Aprile (Modica (RG), 1999. Lives and works in Bologna), Emilio Gola (Milano, 1994. Lives and works in Milano), Agnese Guido (Copertino (LE), 1982. Lives and works in Milano), Letizia Lucchetti (Ancona, 1999. Lives and works in Bologna), Andrea Luzi (Ancona, 1997. Lives and works between Milano and Filottrano, Ancona), Elisabetta Marino (Palermo, 1989. Lives and works in Palermo), Martina Pozzobon (Treviso, 1998. Lives and works in Bologna), Elias Vitrano (Palermo, 1990. Lives and works in Palermo).

"Third year for Salon Palermo; almost a small anniversary, a birthday, a symbolic figure. Who would have thought. Enthusiasm intact and still so many artists to show. Italy in recent years has been truly generous with painters, in every corner of its territory. And I think the Salon Palermo has managed to carve out an important role in reconnaissance of the new Italian figurative painting. Many new names on everyone's lips today have passed right through here.
So here we are again at our annual migration, now a fixed appointment, every early July. We return to the sun, the life, the colors, the warmth. We have realized how much we need it, we have realized how good it does us. To embrace even more strongly the eroticism of vision, magic and mystery. Again. Always in Palermo, in the heart of the city; the perfect theater for daytime, and especially nighttime, raids in its neighborhoods, among museums, bars, squares paved with gray and red stones, to breathe all the life that can enter our lungs. Palermo that for us is a thousand talks, endless sweats, encounters; the only school of art and life. Palermo, which in years hostile to painting has been a place of resistance to homogenization and freedom. In that wedge of land that looks like a strip of Europe torn and pulled toward North Africa and the Middle East.
In Salon Palermo all the works can be traced back to a figuration linked to a visio-narian dimension. The works in the exhibition hold together thanks to one of the very few lines that can be traced within painting today, that path linked to a tradition that for simplicity's sake could be defined as surrealist or that draws on European expressionism between the two great wars." (from the text by Antonio Grulli)