Ritratto Arjuna Foti

Arjuna Foti

Arjuna Foti – YoungVolcano – YOVO5 – Sicily – RizzutoGallery – Artist

Ritratto Gianluca Monaco

Gianluca Monaco

Gianluca Monaco – YoungVolcano – YOVO5 – Sicily – RizzutoGallery – Artist

Ritratto Andrea Mangione

Andrea Mangione

Andrea Mandione- YoungVolcano – YOVO5 – Sicily – RizzutoGallery – Painting



Angelo Crazyone | Arjuna Foti | Gummy Gue | Andrea Mangione | Gianluca Monaco

Francesca Polizzi

Francesca Polizzi (Palermo, 1988) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, she mainly uses raw wool as a material for processing and translating memory, a leather-material that welcomes signs, shapes, slags, imprinting processes, in a path which makes them images with a rigorous formal definition, to finally give themselves as relics of a profound sensorial dimension.

Josef Ribaudo

Josef Ribaudo – YoungVolcano – YOVO4 – Sicily – RizzutoGallery – Sculpture


Dimitri Agnello | Giuliana Barbano | Giuseppe Lo Cascio | Josef Ribaudo

Dimitri Agnello

Dimitri Agnello – YoungVolcano – YOVO4 – Sicily – RizzutoGallery – painting, pittura