Francesco De Grandi – NARRATIVA

Francesco De Grandi – NARRATIVA
12 December 2023 – 24 February 2024

Elisabetta Marino - Installation view at Salon Palermo 3 - Rizzutogallery

Elisabetta Marino

Through the traditional languages of painting and a nonlinear narrative structure, Elisabetta Marino’s research focuses on evocative images that are located in a liminal zone of time. In her works, she synthesizes her personal idea of contemporary archaeology made of variegated colors and forms, using references to classical art grafted into pop drifts and postmodern syntax. Elisabetta Marino’s painting offers total centrality to the figures she portrays, often detaching them from the background and inserting them into seemingly digital atmospheres. Her works reconstruct the scent of a past time that makes ancient history the matrix of intimate sensations manifested through color, intersecting the ancient and the present. To date she works with different media, from screen printing to digital collage, from video to sculpture with unconventional synthetic pastes.

Salon Palermo 2

Salon Palermo 2

9 July 2022 – 20 August 2022

Mattia Barbieri - Installation view - Rizzutogallery

Mattia Barbieri

With strong technical ability, illusionistic effects and richness of elements, Mattia Barbieri's painting reveals
itself as a painting where everything takes place on a single, ideal and concrete plane, an action field within
which disparate and heterogeneous elements are often arranged without apparent hierarchy.

Francesco De Grandi – Sexophilia – 2020