Luigi Presicce

Italy, 1976 – lives and works in Florence
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Luigi Presicce - Homo Sapiens Sapiens Sapiens - Installation view - Vista dell'installazione - Exhibition - Mostra personale - RizzutoGallery - Palermo

Trained in the field of painting, Luigi Presicce (Porto Cesareo, Lecce, 1976; lives and works in Florence) for years has synthesized the results of his studies with the language of performance, staging tableaux vivants with a metaphysical and surreal character, with echoes from popular iconography, collective and personal memories, rich in allegories and symbolic allusions to esotericism, religion, traditions and ancient beliefs of his homeland.

Rituals, stratifications, and references to art history, to characters and events in recent history have marked all of Presicce’s research, in which the intense symbolic force of the images and the constructive layout have always declared his pictorial matrix.

 In the last five years he has returned to painting, which for Presicce is the medium with which to dissect the world, investigate it and bring it back to legibility.

Of painting Presicce says, “Painting has always been for me an inexhaustible resource of discovery and perhaps one of the very few ways I have had to get closer to the human being.”