RizzutoGallery is a contemporary art gallery in Palermo. It was born in 2013 from an idea by Giovanni Rizzuto and Eva Oliveri.

Focused on the most contemporary expressions of the visual arts, the gallery develops projects that involve and support artists whose research, regardless of the media used, demonstrates a predisposition for experimentation.

It is divided into an exhibition area of over 150 square meters. in the historic center of Palermo, at Kalsa, the oldest district of the city, in a context of great charm, in which splendor and decadence coexist, and where the different millennial cultures show their magnificence through a succession of churches, palaces and monuments.


RizzutoGallery proposes emerging and established artists whose work is able to stimulate critical thinking, include differences, make the world we live understand in order to prepare ourselves for a better future.

RizzutoGallery pays particular attention to the territory intended as an area of artistic research, recipient of processes of cultural growth and relationship space.

RizzutoGallery is aimed at motivated and inspired collectors who buy with awareness and perseverance, managing to link passion with intelligence regardless of the budget.


Via Maletto, 5 – 90133 Palermo (Italy)
Tel.: +39 347 1769901

email: info[@]rizzutogallery.com


  • Eva Oliveri
  • Giovanni Rizzuto

Gallery days and times

The gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 4 to 8 PM by appointment

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